Visit Brighton


Brighton Pavillion

The Royal Pavilion Don’t miss the splendor of the Royal Pavilion, a testament to Brighton’s regal history. Admire its exotic architecture and extravagant interiors as you explore this iconic landmark.

Shopping in The Lanes Discover a shopper’s paradise in the bohemian and eccentric alleyways of The Lanes. Lose yourself amidst a treasure trove of independent boutiques, vintage shops, and artisanal galleries.


Brighton Beach

Brighton Promenade and Pier Embrace the timeless allure of Brighton’s Promenade and Pier, where seaside nostalgia meets modern entertainment.

The Theatre Immerse yourself in drama with a choice of both indoor and outdoor theater venues. Experience the magic of live performances at the historic Theatre Royal or for a unique alfresco experience, head to the Brighton Open Air Theatre (sesonal opening) for a choice of music, comedy, theatre, drama and dance.

Sea Life Centre Visit the oldest aquarium in the world (opened in 1872). Dive into an underwater adventure and get up close and personal with fascinating marine life.


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Rest at The Byre