Lewes in East Sussex


Lewes Shopping

Shopping Enjoy shopping amidst the quaint streets and cobbled pathways. Explore a diverse array of independent shops, antique flea markets, boutiques, and artisanal galleries, where you’ll find unique treasures and locally crafted goods.

Harvey‘s Brewery Right on the River Ouse, where the river passes under the High Street, is the oldest independent brewery in Sussex. Learn all about Harvey’s Brewery on a guided tour (pre-arranged) or just pop into the Harvey’s shop to take home a taste of Sussex!


Lewes Castle

Lewes Castle Step back in time at Lewes Castle, a historic landmark that offers a glimpse into the town’s rich heritage. Explore the ancient ruins and towering battlements of this medieval fortress, and soak in panoramic views of the surrounding countryside from the castle’s vantage points.

The Depot Cinema Cozy up at The Depot, Lewes’s  award winning, indpendent and state-of-the-art cinema, which showcases a diverse selection of indie films, blockbusters, and timeless classics. Indulge in gourmet snacks and artisanal drinks at the cinema’s stylish cafe-bar.


Pells Pool in Lewes

Pells Pool Dive into an outdoor adventure at Pells Pool, one of the oldest freshwater outdoor swimming pools in the country. Surrounded by lush greenery and historic charm, this hidden gem offers a refreshing escape on a sunny day.

Anne of Cleves House Visit the small, 16th century timber framed Wealden Hall House which was owned by Anne of Cleves, the fourth wife of King Henry the VIII. This house was given to Anne as part of their divorce settlement in 1541 and is a historical gem in Lewes.

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